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*RJ12 Breakout Box
*Tests Telescope Autoguider Input
*Tests Camera Autoguider Output
*Tests 6 pin and 4 pin RJ SERIAL Leads
45.00 incl VAT

This little device is a universal tester for all low voltage RJ12 leads. It can be configured to simulate the telescope end of the autoguider interface (for testing AUTOGUIDING CAMERAS) or it can be set up to simulate the camera end of the autoguiding circuits (for testing the TELESCOPE AUTOGUIDE INPUT). It can also test serial links used between Meade and Celestron handsets to the drive unit or to the Host computer. It SAVES YOU TIME by diagnosing quickly which part of the set-up is not responding as it should.

There are voltage monitoring LED's on each of the six wires, jumpers to insert to make a wire closely connected to 0V or 5V and a jumper to make the six wires all active high or active low. The handbook explains how these should be set up for various interfaces encountered on different manufacturers products. The photo shows a 'biro' pressing the PUSH - TO - TEST button.

When you find the common connection (signal return) then the lamps show the activity on all the other lines and so when the camera is exercised there should be movement directions being operated, these will show up immediately. As far as the telescope is concerned the row of six jumpers allows you to touch any of the direction wires with a 5V or 0V to then operate the telescope. Thus you can find which wire operates which direction. It is the process of looking at what operates and what doesn't that allows you to say where a problem lies. It could be the camera end, the telescope end or the cable.

PP3 battery required (not supplied)

Download the MANUAL
Further information on CCD AUTOGUIDERS

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