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Send us some information about your telescope set-up and what you require in the way of DRIVES or other items. We will e-mail you with a quote, or answer your queries.
Please read our FAQ's on DRIVES or TIMEKEEPING. We do have a lot of information on this site - the keyword index may help you in finding out the right products for your requirements.

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I am interested in the following:
Sidereal Clocks
Event Timers / Recorders
Conversion of SCT fork mount for GOTO capability
Telescope Drives
... with synchronous motors
... with stepper motors
... with Computer connection
GOTO Drive system
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I have the following telescope: of aperture size: inches

My existing telescope is:
Driven. Undriven.
RA only drive. Dual axis drive.
Powered by line or mains. Powered by 12V DC

I have the following additional requirements:

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