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Microstep Drive boxes have been in operaton since 1996 and Intelligent Handsets from 1998. An array of issues have come up with the many systems installed and so we are likely to have the answer! Please email or talk to us if your system develops a problem. An amount of user support is included in the initial purchase. If you have bought your system second-hand it will still be possible to get service from us - either by small payments as problems arise or by a once off maintenance payment to us of 50. We freely make available software updates to both the driveboxes and handsets for first time purchasers so that you can keep your system completely up to date.

In the event of a problem the first diagnostic tests involve carrying out certain operations as directed by us. There is an amount of information on the website to enable you to start investigating, and we also sell certain devices that are useful tools to narrow down the location of problems. You may want to get them and put them in the back drawer! There is always a correct explanation for why this or that is happening, sometimes it is more obvious than others.

If after discussing it with you it may be necessary to return to base for proper investigation and repair. It is sometimes not evident that the problem is definitely on one box. It is safest to return the Handset as well as the Drivebox. We will do our utmost to slot it in as a priority task and return it within 1 week. Although in times of stress (overload!) it may be longer. Astronomy is a part our business and we may be busy on other urgent tasks. Costs may be just the return postage.

If items are returned to us they will usually be upgraded to kaeep them up to date.

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