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The AWR IDS SYSTEM provides state of the art performance for tracking, control, position readout and PC interfacing. It is programmable by the user to fit onto new or existing scopes. The system uses an Intelligent Drive Box to control all motor movements, readout and control from the handset. It is fully portable requiring only a 12V DC power supply. It does not need a computer, even to perform GOTOs. With a computer, the major Planetarium programmes, such as 'THE SKY' or 'SKYMAP PRO' can issue GOTO commands or can track the telescope.

The microstepped motors are suitable for ALL TELESCOPES WITH SLOW MOTIONS operating up to 5 degrees per second depending on configuration. Motor type for your system selected from a range 30Ncm to 210Ncm. Target system accuracy is 20 arc seconds. Users are notified of upgrades to the firmware in the Intelligent Handset and Drive box and are supplied at nominal cost. These systems have been fitted to many telescope configurations up to 36 inch mirror size.


  • Backlit keyboard and display.
  • Operation -10 deg C to +35 deg C.
  • Two star calibration.
  • Backlash compensation. Periodic Error Calibration
  • Event timing function (100 events). Time recording accuracy to 50ms.
  • Position readout coordinates RA hh:mm:ss DEC +dd mm' ss' or ALT-AZ
  • 4 sites selectable with LONG LAT data entry to 1 arc second.
  • Sidereal and Universal time displays.
  • User programming of rates used for GUIDE CENTRE MOVE SLEW.
  • GOTO coordinate entered on keyboard using shortest available route.
  • Selection and programming of SIDEREAL, SOLAR, LUNAR, TRACK rates to 0.005 arcsecond per second.
  • Adjustable acceleration / deceleration rates to avoid damaging gears.
  • Tube reversal procedure for German Equatorial mounting.
  • Programmable for any telescope drive reduction ratios (including FRICTION drive).
  • Industry standard format Planetarium (computer) connection with handset for point and click GOTO's.
  • Protocol extensions for remote operation.


This generates microstepping at power for the large stepper motors which are directly connected to the slow motion axes. Because of the smoothness of the rotation (12800 steps per rev) no gearbox is required and it is virtually vibration free. Complete control is by the Intelligent Handset although could be with a PC. Adjustable acceleration, slew rate etc. with a fast speed up to 5 deg/sec depending on telescope geometry. Sidereal step rates 21 per second with 144:1 reduction, 60 per second with 360:1 reduction. CCD autoguider lead fits into standard socket on end plate. 12 volt DC supply at 4 amps required for the smaller motors. Higher performance higher slew rate with 24 Volt systems. ADVANCED OPTIONS include User RELAYS, INDEX pulse input, REMOTE STOP. A Simple Handset is also available for low cost applications.

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