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LX200 Refurbishments

This describes the LX200 CLASSIC, we do similar kit for LX200 GPS and LX200 ACF versions. The brackets are completely different. Please send us a photograph of you motor/gearbox and we will advise.
We have had a few customers wishing to repair their telescopes, but wanting to go a different route to the Meade Repair Kit. We have applied various strategies with different upgrades but we are now happy that the presentation here is the way to go. The result is a mechanically beefed up telescope fitted with GOTO electronics of equivalent performance to the LX200 Classic telescopes. It is now QUIET and has a much IMPROVED GEARBOX with about 1Nm torque delivered to the slow motion axles. The proven electronics will last and is easily maintainable with AWR's support.

Th kit as now supplied is installed onto the existing Meade slow motion brackets. There are no holes to drill, it is a basic strip down and build up with new componets. We can fit if necessary so you will send us your slow motion brtackets with the motor assembly / gearbox still in place.

DO NOT LOSE THE SPRINGS when you take the slow motion brackets off the telescope! They will ping off. If they do need replacement you need a working pressure about 1 to 1.5kg when the brackets are adjusted. This moving component is retained to minimise backlash in the final assemblies on both axes.

We need to get right down to the slow motion axis. Both RA and DEC brackets are treated the same.

The DEC motor assembly is on a bracket that replaces the upstand holding the spring. This holds the motor on the correct place. Two new M3 x 16 cap head bolts secure the Meade bracket to the new motor brackets.

The slow motion shaft needs a flat filed to take the grub screw on the new pulley. There is a button head screw 8-32 0.5 inch to screw in the end of the shaft to effectively extend the shaft and provide a more stable base for the pulley.

Add the pulley and line up the belt with the motor pulley. Use the side adjustment three bolts to make the belt taught to reduce the backlash. Do not do the belt up excessively tight, it will stall the motor.

That is it. Re-attach the bracket to the casing and adjust the worm backleash as normal.

New DEC Components
Brackets in place

The RA axis rebuild uses a new plate that is screwed on using the existing countersunk screws. You may have to reduce the screw length by 5mm.

This is easy by using the upstand metalwork taken off the DEC. There is one hole which is the same screw thread but needs a countersunk drilled in it to make the screw length deep enough, otherwise you do not cut enough off. Screw the CSNK screw right the way in and use a hacksaw to cut off most of what is on the other side. File the end at 45 degrees then it should come out without difficulty (no deformed threads).

File a flat on the slow motion shaft for the grub screw on the pulley. Screw in the additional 3-32 0.5 inch screw which provides a shaft extension to give a better base for the pulley to work.

Attach the pulley and adjust as per the DEC. The motor slides to get the tension in the belt, then do up the motor screws.

That is it. Re-attach the bracket to the casing and adjust the worm backleash as normal.

Modifid RA Bracket
Motor Mounted

Check the tightness and adjustment of the gears. Power up each axis in turn and check that the motors operate smoothly without binding. Fit the front connector plate and plug in the internal motor cable to the RA motor. Plug in the internal cable to the 3 way socket for the periodic error to function. Everything should now be done.

The motor cabling to the drivebox is identical on each axis meaning it is easy to diagnose any faults that may develop.

The final slew rate depends on the load and how good your balance is. This can be adjusted afterwards and should be at least a degree per second.

The standard LX200 kit is:
  • Replacment motors and brackets
  • Standard Microstep Drive box with CCD interface
  • Intelligent Handset
  • Handbook and Leads
  • Reprogramming lead for IH
  • New front panel

Upgrade PRICE 1100.00 inc VAT
for UK (+delivery)



  • Advanced Microstep Drivebox with INDEX lead for PEC (+85)
  • Mains power supply 12V DC 5Amp PSU5 (65)
  • IH upgrades - database (60) and GPS receiver (75)

Motor type Sanyo Denki 32Ncm
Worm ratio 180
Overall reduction RA 652.5
Sidereal rate 96.9 steps per second
Maximum slew rate
with 12V DC supply
2.4 degrees/sec
Power requirements 12V DC @ 2.5 Amps

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