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This accessory makes it easy to use Polarscopes. It puts an evenly illuminated dim light on the background of the view through the Polarscope. Then the cross hair and locating gratricule stands out and then the alignment star (Polaris in the Northern Hemisphere) can be put in the corect place with ease. The alternative is shining a torch in the entrance objective of the Polarscope, whilst looking up through it and adjusting the mount, which is not easy to do without assistance!

The device we supply clips in from the outside and pokes down the entrance tube to the Polarscope. It is battery powered with an OFF/ON switch as shown in the photograph. Velcro keeps it in place which also allows removal for safe storage between sessions.
20.00 per unit

Suitable for EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6, ALTER D6, Vixen Super Polaris and all telescopes where the manufacturer has failed to illuminate the Polarscope!.

EQ5, HEQ535mm
EQ6 internal40mm
EQ6 external35mm
Alter D645mm
If not in the table please tell us the diameter of the hole for it to clip into.

2 off 'AA' size cells are used (not supplied) to power it with a high value series resistor. It is an extremely low light level which you will only see in the dark. You need to be able to see stars through it!

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