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We now have a stock of assemblies and custom metalwork to fit our smaller motors to the common mountings. There have been extensive trials associated with these to ensure that the items work together well. These include:
Full information for these are given in separate sales sheets on our web site.

We have worked extensively with one customer to provide a very powerful drive system able to shift his Calver 9 inch telescope at over five degrees per second slew speed. This is a hugely massive telescope with a lot of inertia. We used 3 Amp per phase motors (210Ncm delivered torque) working from a voltage of 39 Volts. A 350 watt power supply was required and a Resistor Dropper box needed to regulate the current to the motor.

During this development we enhanced the circuit of the Resistor Rropper box to switch out most of the series resistance at high speed. The resistor values were optimised so that full power was obtained at full slew speed, rather than the current dropping off somewhat with speed. This technology has resulted in a much better product for our 24V systems, but it also needs a fair amount of extra work to make so the price of this has gone up. The performance improvements are worth it.

The INTELLIGENT HANDSET software has been extended with the following new features introduced in V1.4 software:
  • Periodic Error Calibration. Works with or without an Index pulse from the worm rotation and remembers where it was. A comprehensive menu allows complete control of this function. The programming residual is displayed to the user.
  • AWR mode of HOST communication - extra functions for remote operation.
  • A new HANDBOOK issue 1.4 rolling up these and previous changes.
Further information on the web for IDS OWNERS at
There is an extra article detailing the experiments on Periodic Error which was carried out on an EQ6 mounting recently. This has been much delayed because of the aweful weather we have had in South East England over the past 10 weeks. You can download this from the INFORMATION section on our web site.

If you have a picture of equipment using our drives, or photographs taken through telescopes driven by our equipment then you are invited to send in some pictures to post on our GALLERY page.
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