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Many schools have sought our expertise to help bring their telescopes back to life. The re-introduction of Astronomy into the National Curriculum means bringing back the older telescopes to make them effective teaching tools. This requires that they be efficient at their job, that is they need to be able to navigate the stars with accuracy to show and track objects of interest.

The cost effective solution we offer is to supply self contained Intelligent GOTO Systems including motors, ready to fit on telescope mounts with slow motions present (worm and wheel sets) on both axes. We can even provide the correct worm sets if none are fitted. It is often the case that elderly telescopes have exquisite optics, tube assemblies and mounts, yet the drive system will not give modern standards of performance. Replacing the whole telescope is generally far too expensive, yet upgrading is a modest cost.

All AWR drive units have an input to allow control by CCD cameras so that you can take deep long exposures without star trails. A computer connection allows display of a large scale star map centred on the telescope position, and interesting objects can be selected from the computer or the Intelligent Handset.

Other equipment that would be suitable for schools telescope are our range of accessories including Polarscope Illuminators , Sidereal Clocks and Display Units to show to a group where the telescope is pointing (suitable for Meade, Vixen and AWR electronics). Test equipment can also help to debug items that are not working - see the range for sorting out defects with cameras and drives.

Typical complete telescope drive systems are in the price range 1000 to 1500 and delivery times are 4 to 6 weeks. All telescopes are different and the specifications you require are discussed and priced accordingly. Many larger telescopes have worm wheel sets supplied by BEACON HILL TELESCOPES and we have a standard solution for driving these.

We have supplied Intelligent GOTO Systems to the following educational establishments:


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