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Vixen PORTA mount for Astronomers

Upgrade the PORTA mount with ALT-AZ drive to follow the stars

Kit contains:

  • Motor assemblies for ALT and AZ axes
  • Mounting kit
  • Microstep Drive box with CCD interface
  • Intelligent Handset and Database
  • Handbook, Leads and Fitting instructions
  • Easy installation by the User

KIT FROM 750.00 inc VAT
for UK and EUROPE (+post)

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Vixen PORTA mount showing motors in situ

This kit offers motorising and upgrade of the PORTA mount, driving in EQUATORIAL motions for astronomers with slewing up to 3 deg/sec. Tracking is maintained within 0.002 arc seconds per second of the correct rates on both axes up to 89.75 degrees altitude. It is most impressive in operation! Adapter plates easily fit onto the mount to which are attached the motor brackets. Substantial brass gears transfer the motion to the slow motion axes. The Azimuth plate has holes for spare eyepieces and the Intelligent Handset. By microstepping the motor assemblies (64 per step) there is almost freedom from vibration with the very small steps and a huge dynamic speed range is available. The gearing offers considerable torque to the slow motion axes. GOTO features on the handset include telescope co-ordinate readout (RA and DEC), entry of new co-ordinates, backlash correction, Periodic Error Calibration etc. Computer connection (optional) allows access to object databases. Motor brackets, gears etc have been designed and selected by ourselves to get the optimum speed / power out of the complete system. The metalwork is anodised Aluminium 6mm thickness to avoid going out of alignment.

Motor type Sanyo Denki 32Ncm
Overall gear reduction 435:1
Sidereal rate 64.5 microsteps per second
Coordinate resolution 14.89 arc second
Step size 0.233 arc second
Maximum slew rate 3 deg/sec TYPICAL
Power requirements 12V DC 2.3 Amps

The other specifications, features, capabilities and connectivity of the Intelligent Handset and the Microstep Drive Box is given fully or shortform. For further information contact Alan Buckman tel 01304 365918.

The drive performs at full rated load specification.

Motor assemby Motor
Motor with cover

PORTA/KIT Two Motor assemblies, Microstep Drive Box with CCD autoguider input, Intelligent Handset + Database. User fitting of motors on mount. (Needs power supply). 750.00
PORTA/FULL The PORTA/KIT plus Power Supply (5 Amps at 12V), leads, IH/BASE docking station with computer lead for observatory operation. ADVANCED Microstep Drive Box substituted. User fitting. 900.00
PORTA/BASIC A basic kit WITHOUT GOTO for a budget upgrade. Microstepping Drivebox with CCD interface, 2 motor assy and a SIMPLE handset with full slewing performance. (Can be made GOTO later on by purchase of Intelligent Handset). Needs power supply. 450.00
PSU5 Power supply Mains (110V-240V) Input, 12V 5 Amp DC output.
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