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We have a new employee, Paul, to take over the bulk of construction and customisation for AWR Technology. Quality assurance, Sales and Technical enquiries remain with Alan Buckman. The bulk of product supplies are made by specialist sub-contractors locally in Kent who can turn out items like peas in a pod, all identical, tested and working. We are maintaining a stock of these products and most orders will be fulfilled within a week or two. Workloads on other projects for Buckman Hardy Associates still have to go on! Other specialist orders require three to four weeks to get outside parts procured.

This large project of refurbishment and updating has now all but finished you will be pleased to hear. Training days are in progress and soon the Science Centre (ex home to the RGO) will be sorting out use of the telescopes. It is the finest collection of large telescopes in the UK, if not the world. AWR have supplied all the electronics, readout units and know-how to get it all together. Star testing to check on the calibrations is in progress. Achieved resolution on all the encoders is between 15 and 20 arc seconds.

The Yapp Telescope (36 inch Cassegrain in Dome B) has absolute digital encoders (Heidenhain), RA and DEC displays (AWR), stepper motor drive units (AWR) and limited amount of GOTO facility (AWR) with connection to THE SKY planetarium programme.

The Thompson 30 inch Coude telescope (Dome A) has digital encoders, RA and DEC readout units and connection to THE SKY. A new handset was also provided by AWR. The DEC encoder covers a quadrant.

The Thompson 26 inch Refractor (Dome E) also has digital encoders and RA & DEC readout units. The declination encoder is a full circle and is absolute.

The Astrographic 13 inch refractor (Dome D) also has digital encoders and RA & DEC readout units. The declination encoder covers a quadrant and is absolute.

We can now supply, mostly from stock, GOTO update kits for the following mounts: EQ5 and Vixen SP etc, HEQ5, EQ6 and Alter D6. Your favourite astronomy Dealer will be able to supply you with these.
A new batch of ASTRO DISPLAY UNITS is nearing completion, several will be shown at the FAS AGM on Saturday 2nd October at Cambridge.
We are currently upgrading an ASTROPHYSICS mount with a DEC worm and phosphor-bronze wheel (from Beacon Hill Telescopes) replacing the tangent arm drive.

We have also completed a refinement of the MICROSTEP TRANSLATION TABLE 4042B. New (computerised!) techniques have enabled the whole table to be generated. Greater accuracy has been achieved by proper curve blending and averaging to take into account hysteresis effects. The greatest wobble left is going to be due to the mechanical uncetainties of the pole to pole position which varies within a motor and between motors. Contact AWR if you want to update your drive box.


If you have a picture of equipment using our drives, or photographs taken through telescopes driven by our equipment then you are invited to send in some pictures to post on our GALLERY page.
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