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* Analyse activity on Autoguider signals
* Tests Camera Autoguider Output
* Times pulse lengths, stretching all pulses
* Provides Diagnostic information
* Quick method for drift alignment
59.00 incl VAT

An electronic device to monitor and show you the signals travelling from your autoguider (camera or computer) to the autoguiding input of your mount and drive system. There is a comprehensive display showing directions activated and time lengths of pulses with a MODE switch to select how it measures and shows you the information.

The MODE switch selects operation in two modes. It is also used to turn it on or off (long pulse).
* The REAL TIME MODE plays the activity on the four direction lines in real time. This is a quick check of how it is working although you can miss short pulses.
* The PULSE STRETCHED MEASURING MODE measures the lengths of all the active pulses and stores them in a buffer, playing them out in turn. All pulses are shown as a time indicator and a direction. All pulses are captured down to very short lengths and stretched to 0.4 seconds for display purposes. The buffer length can store 10 sets of events. Display starts as soon as the first event gets into the buffer.

As a diagnostic tool it is a useful aid in showing you that your mount is working in tiptop condition.
* Shows evidence of periodic error in RA by a repeating pattern of corrections tending to the RIGHT ARROW direction then tending to the LEFT ARROW direction.
* Indicates backlash amount in DEC if very long pulses are present.
* Shows possibly wrong camera settings (or drive adjust speed problem) if the pulses are way too short.
* Allows you to adjust the correction speed and correction lengths to suit your telescope on some types of drive systems - including the AWR Microstep Systems.
* Works with *any* make of telescope drive provided it has an AUTOGUIDE socket and is guided from a camera (or computer programme) with ACTIVE LOW SIGNALS.

Drift alignment can be along winded process but an autoguiding camera is very sensitive to drift and it is possible within minutes with this device to do a proper drift alignment to high accuracy. Due South the drift is all to do with error in the azimuth of the polar axis. In the East or West the drift in DEC is all to do with elevation of the pole. The pattern of the lights will show how it is drifting and you can quickly and easily adjust the pole to compensate.
There is a red lamp to tell you it is on, and there is an auto switch off after three minutes. Signals continue to be passed through to the telescope when it is OFF. There are 2 x RJ12 6 pin autoguider sockets, one for connection to the telescope, the other for the camera and its function is to only look at the signals. There is no interaction and it can be left in circuit even when unpowered.

9 volt PP3 (transistor) battery required (not supplied)

Further information on CCD AUTOGUIDERS
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Independant Review by David Jackson (ex RGO) AWR HOME PAGE

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