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	* Dual mode Sidereal Time display or Universal Time display. 
	* 24 hour display of Hours, Minutes and Seconds. 
	* 6 x 0.8" high LCD digits with good contrast in daylight.
	* Switchable red LED BACKLIGHT for use at night.
	* Microprocessor based with Quartz crystal accuracy. 
	* 12V DC operation with PP3 battery back up.
	* Time set through the front keys. 
	* Observatory style metronome 'PIPS', switchable.
	* LOTS of OPTIONS including OVEN for CRYSTAL.
        * SERIAL PORT to interact with LX200 protocol equipment. NEW FEATURE
        * SET LOCAL / UNIVERSAL Time of other SERIAL devices. NEW FEATURE
        * Europe Pricing from 160.00

The Sidereal Clock model SC110 from AWR Technology is designed for Astronomers to keep track of 'Star Time'. It runs faster than Greenwich Mean Time by about 4 minutes a day to complete an extra 24 hours in one year. This rate matches that of the Sidereal Heavens and so the time, once set, will show the Right Ascension of the object passing the observer's Meridian (due South).

This display of Sidereal Time is useful in knowing what is in the sky at any time by reference to star atlases; for setting drive systems in Equatorial telescopes; and for use in calculations, typically for converting coordinates of stars to horizon coordinates so that an Alt-Azimuth telescope can be pointed directly at an object. It is also very easy to predict rising times of objects and useful in locating planets in the daytime.

The clock is designed to be left running permanently and so will require very little re-setting. The 12 volt DC power requirement makes it convenient to be powered anywhere, using a car battery for remote site operation or mains option for permanent installation. See "Getting Stable Oscillator Circuits" to read how we achieve the required atability. We take a lot of care over this process and test the temperature coefficient so it will perform within specs on every unit shipped.



Calibration accuracy   . . . . . +/- 0.05ppm at 20 deg C
Temperature stability  . . . . . +/- 30ppm over range -10 to 60 deg C 
Divergence between Sidereal and Universal time . . . .  1.89s per year
DC Input: 10V to 16V DC at less than 16mA. 
Battery back-up: PP3 alkaline type (NOT SUPPLIED) with 50 hours of use.
Size: 235 x 70 x 125mm 		Weight: 0.5kg 

	Standard clock		1 second per day
	OPTION 5		1 second in 4 days
	OPTION 7		1 second in 120 days

The time is set through the serial port from LX200 devices or through the keyboard using the 'SET' key in conjunction with 'FAST' or 'SLOW'. The hours is set first, then the minutes. The seconds display is zeroed when the minute is incremented during set so to synchronise the time (using the telephone time service, for example) the minute counter must be advanced exactly on the minute pip. With practise the setting error can be made less than 0.2 seconds, and of course it can be checked at the next time check and re-done if necessary.

Automatically calculating the sidereal time once the UT time is set is not easy. You require the LONGITUDE of your place on the earth and the DATE and YEAR. There is no way this information can be input into the clock.

The metronome is available at any time by pressing the switch, pressing it again to turn it off. This will cause short beeps at every second with a longer beep at the minute. The start of the sound is always in synchronism with the UT clock.

The handbook accompanying the clock gives full operation and connection instructions and shows five ways of setting up Sidereal Time and using it in practise. This book is also downloadable.

The clock as described requires an external power source of 12 Volts DC (a car battery or mains adapter is ideal) to maintain continuous operation. It also has a backup power operation facility using a PP3 battery (not supplied). Operation of the backlight increases the power consumption by 50% to reach the maximum figure quoted in the specifications. When the PP3 is near the end of its life the clock will start losing time.

The FREQUENCY OUTPUT option provides a stable settable frequency that can be used as an external frequency control to AC Power Inverters to drive large synchronous motors on existing telescopes etc etc. If it is not quite what you need contact us, we may be able to customise.



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