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Our products may not be the cheapest but we aim to provide rugged units that last .. and last. We do not have mass produced items and so we can tailor specific products to meet your needs. We also provide excellent after sales service to solve any problems you may have. Some systems are extremely complex but we endeavour to leave you a competent user. Continuing support on Intelligent Drive Systems includes firmware upgrades.

COMPLIANCE: All our products have been tested and comply with European Directives for CE marking (EMC and Safety), RoHS and WEEE. The EMC and safety tests are more stringent than FCC regulations (USA) so we are happy to supply units throughout the world.
If you wish to dispose of your product contact AWR Technology for re-use of the items.

PAYMENT. We can accept cheque, credit / debit cards, Bank Transfer or PayPal. This works from any country.

For EXPORT prices (outside Europe) we will quote you.
If you are a European company with a VAT number we can ship VAT free. (We require your VAT number).

CHOOSING: A DRIVE SYSTEM for a telescope needs MOTORS, a DRIVE BOX and a HANDSET. Select as desired from the range listed here. Next supply the information requested and send to AWR TECHNOLOGY. It is best to send photos and then talk to us. A sheet on installing drive systems is sent with the Drive System.

They will not stop working if a lead is pulled out when powered.
If there is something you need but not listed, give us a call, we may be able to help.

SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR DRIVE SYSTEM These units comprise a low power mains inverter(DRIVE BOX) and a HANDSET for driving the RA axis with Synchronous motor (230V or 110V at 50 or 60 Hz). Input power is 12V DC. The units have a VFO section with 5% rate adjust knob and SLOW FAST fine adjust buttons on the handset. Options are available for DEC drive (Synchronous or DC motors) and AUTOGUIDER input. Sidereal rate is quartz crystal derived.
SYSTEM 3  RA drive for Synchronous motor 10 Watts max                     270.00
OPT 7     Dec axis drive for Reversible Synchronous motor              ADD 40.00
OPT 13    Dec axis drive for 12V DC motor                              ADD 40.00
        AUTOGUIDER remote control interface can be fitted to all handsets.

HIGH PERFORMANCE STEPPER MOTOR SYSTEM 5 To provide high torque across the whole range of motor speeds, for use with smaller stepper motors (such as STEP2,3,5 motors). 50x sidereal rate is achieved on some telescopes with accelerating high speed. 3 speed adjust rate. Low consumption from battery. The LED on the handset indicates the status of options 3 and 12 if fitted. Sidereal rate is also Quartz locked. Vixen steppers MT-1 (5 pin or 8 pin) can be powered directly
SYSTEM 5  Handset and drive box for DUAL axis with crystal                295.00
SYS5/VIX  Handset/control for VIXEN SP,GP motors DUAL axis, crystal.      225.00
          (VFO switch and knob for Lunar/Solar rates INCLUDED in both of these).
METEOR    Rotating Meteor Shutter drive box and motor complete.           180.00
        AUTOGUIDER remote control interface can be fitted to all handsets.

MOTOR ASSEMBLIES for ABOVE SYSTEMS (Motor, gearbox, electrical connector). MOTOR DRAWINGS
STEP2  Stepper motor etc. Up to 80Ncm output torque, max 240 step/s        85.00
STEP3  Stepper motor etc. Up to 400Ncm output torque, max 600 step/s      140.00
COUPLING Oldham type 13mm diameter                                         16.00
COUPLING Oldham type 19mm diameter                                         35.00
COUPLING Oldham type 25mm diameter                                         60.00
BALANCE  Spring balance for measuring motor torques photo                  10.00

REMOTE CONTROL OPTIONS (For ALL SYSTEMS) We have an adapter that can be fitted to ours and third party DRIVE SYSTEMS with handsets which allows remote devices to press the buttons. This is used by CCD AUTOGUIDERS and other guiding equipment. The 6 pin input is a standard configuration used by SBIG ST7/8, MEADE PICTOR and requires ACTIVE LOW signals from the CCD. Further details.
OPT 2    SBIG ST4 autoguider input connector
          9 pin D connector on a short lead wired into the handset         35.00
OPT 14   SBIG, PICTOR: 6 pin RJ11 interface wired into handset             40.00
REMOTE   Autoguider interface relay box for CCD remote guiding             75.00
        (6 pin TTL RJ11 INPUT, OPTOCOUPLED and wired into handset
		suitable for many manufacturers handsets).
SEEKER   Spiralling controller device to fit in AUTOGUIDER socket          59.00
CCDTEST  AUTOGUIDER input TESTER and CCD Simulator (For DRIVE and CAMERA)  45.00
PA2      PULSE ANALYSER for autoguider signals                             59.00

MICROSTEPPING DRIVEBOX allows direct mechanical connection of Stepper Motor to any slow motion drive including retrofits, although we now favour pulley reduction around 2:1. The MICROSTEP features extremely smooth acceleration between drive speeds with fully programmable rates at all speeds. Step size of the order of 0.3 arcsec using microstepping of the stepper motor. (MOTOR DRAWINGS).

MOTORS achieve normal slew rates about 0.8 degrees per second depending on motor type and telescope torque requirements. At least 0.5 degree per second achievable on the large telescopes. Motor power ramge on slow motion shaft from at least 1Nm with gearing by pulleys and timing belts. The complete system needs 12V DC from 2.5 Amps for 32Ncm motors to 4.5 Amps required for larger motors. More power and torque running to higher stall speeds using 24V supply can be provided at extra cost. We can do very large motors (5Nm output torque before gearing).

INTELLIGENT HANDSET with GOTO and computer connection. This provides coordinate calibration, programmable drive rates, position readout, GOTO facility, tube reversal procedure etc. Design aim of 20 arc seconds accuracy depending on telescope configuration. SIMPLE HANDSET has GUIDE, 2x and SLEW adjust rates in all directions. The Intelligent Handset is normally powered through Drive Box.

The DRIVEBOX is a SIMPLE version supplied as standard or an ADVANCED version with extra features which can be substituted when supplied with the KITS. The ADVANCED END includes extra connectors - AUXILLIARY to provide 3 relay outputs, an OVERRIDE STOP input, a connector for INDEX PULSE for worm wheel periodic error correction and remote control from autoguiders TTL 6 pin type or SBIG ST4 type. These advanced features need the Intelligent Handset to perform the functions.

FRGEN DRIVEBOX supplies two axis STEP and DIRECTION signals that can be used for other proprietory drive units. It has the same Intelligent Handset interface and operates with the same motor profiles etc.

A range of accessories and upgrades complete the lineup. We can also interface to HEIDENHAIN digital encoders (see link).


SUPPORT   User Support Package                                            50.00
           FREE when purchasing an Intelligent Drive System from AWR.
           Essential if you buy a system second hand. We work with you to
           get the best out of the system for your application.
HANDBOOK  Intelligent Drive System handbook 42pp. See DOWNLOADS
MICROSTEP Drive box to control two motors in microstepping mode
           (This has AUTOGUIDER, IH and SIMPLE HANDSET sockets)          290.00
           TTL or opto isolated autoguider input                         355.00
FRGEN     Alternative Drivebox with STEP/DIRECTION wires two axis also 
          available in Standard and Advanced versions.              from 200.00
HANDSET   Simple handset GUIDE,CENTRE,SLEW photo                          50.00
IH2       Intelligent Handset MK2 with coordinate readout, full
           calibrations and GOTO operation.                              450.00
DATABASE  IH Database upgrade chip                                        65.00
          GPS option for IH2                                              70.00
             MOTORS and brackets pricing see MOTORS
MOTOR/32  Stepper motor 32Ncm 1.2A/phase normally supplied with gears 
           Price depends on gearbox arrangement.
MOTOR/80  Stepper motor 80Ncm for microstepping (max 60Ncm usable)        65.00
MOTOR/210 Stepper motor 210Ncm for microstepping (max 140Ncm usable)     130.00
IH/BASE   IH Home Station with power supply and PC 9 pin connector        70.00
           Example picture
SERIAL/IH PC to IH (9 pin 'D' to 6 pin RJ12) converter lead (2 mtr)       20.00
SERIAL/DR PC to Drivebox serial lead converter 2 metre                    20.00
USB/RS232 USB to serial converter, FTDI chips. This one works! photo      22.00
          Works on W7 / W10 / XP / Win98 / Vista / Linux / Apple MAC. Drivers updateable.
PC-EXTEND Serial extender cable 2 metres to 20 metres available            CALL
RJ45      IH to Drivebox cable 3 metres to 50 metres available             CALL
INDEX     Index cable and 'Top Hat' pulse gen for periodic error          40.00
PSU5      Power supply 85-240V ac input, 12V DC output 5 Amps             65.00
PSU9      Power supply 85-240V ac input, 24V DC output 8.4 Amps          200.00
RESBOX/12 Resistor box with for use with 12V 2 amp  motors               140.00
RESBOX/24 Resistor box with fan cooling for use with 24V 2 Amp           180.00
BALANCE   Spring balance for balancing the telescope - photo                  10.00
QUADBOX   Quadrature decoder box for external encoders              FROM 140.00

SEEKER    Spiralling controller device to fit in AUTOGUIDER socket        59.00
AD100     ASTRO DISPLAY UNIT of parameter(fits in serial leads)          160.00
LIGHTS    Lights Box to show VIRTUAL ENCODER information flow photo       40.00
We can service worm brackets and fit motors brackets if required.
EQ5/BASE  NON-GOTO Microstepping system for user fitting to EQ5 
            (CG5, SP, GP, GP DX, GPE) mount                              450.00
EQ5/KIT   EQ5 complete GOTO system                                       800.00
FS/BASE   NON-GOTO Microstepping system for user fitting to FS MK IV     550.00
FS/WORMS  Service for Fullerscope MK IV worm brackets attending to
           bearings, side play, end float etc                       FROM  70.00
FS/KIT    Full GOTO System and fitting motor brackets                    850.00
LX200/KIT GOTO Upgrade for CLASSIC LX200 or LX200 GPS                   1100.00
          FOR OTHER KITS SEE INDIVIDUAL PAGES for each mount.
          Quite a few motor bracket types are illustrated on our MOTORS page 
           - all suitable for microstepping.
All purchasers will be kept up to date with software upgrade information. Keep an eye on the website for information about software upgrades. The latest information is on the DOWNLOADS page. There may be nominal charges depending what is involved. Certain upgrades may involve extra hardware to fit on your telescope.


This new design mount has been developed by us and ASTROMOUNT to provide a very capable ultra stable mount with a larger payload capacity than most mounts in the market. The price tag reflects its ability to carry 100kg OTA plus balance weights. There are Polar axle bearings either side of the Declination shaft. It is precision machined stainless steel with 45mm diameter thick walled axles with three bearings per axis. We can do the wheel sets in brass/Dural or Phosphor Bronze/Stainless Steel. Either 6 inch or 8 inch wheel sets. Gear Guards of stainless steel and Nylon. The smallest assembly weighs 30kg and 10kg for the adjuster base. SEE the MANUAL. Vinyl coated balance weights on 25mm solid shaft.

PEM/6     Portable English Mount, 6 inch wheels, AWR IDS GOTO, Base Adjuster
          to fit atop a pier (8 inch recommended), balance weights.     7700.00
BASE/ADJ  The base adjuster fits on top of a pier and provides a tilting
          platform to put your own mount on, available separately.
          AZ and ALT adjustments are 0.2 degrees per turn of the screw.
          Made to fit your pier.                                        1000.00


SC110mk3 DUAL TIME Sidereal / UT observatory clock LCD HHMMSS             145.00
         powered from 12V. Metronome. RED Backlight. SERIAL PORT to send time in LX200 protocol.
  OPT 1 Internal NiMH rechargeable battery instead of PP3          ADD 30.00
  OPT 2 Electrical output of 1 sec pulses                          ADD 20.00
  OPT 3 Variable backlight brightness                              ADD 10.00
  OPT 4 UK Mains adapter  - (product PSU1)                         ADD 18.00
  OPT 5 Improved temperature performance, 5ppm crystal             ADD 20.00
  OPT 6 Tape recorder output of metronome pulses                   ADD 10.00
  OPT 7 CRYSTAL OVEN, (less than 5s error in 6 months)             ADD 80.00
  OPT 8 Frequency generator output                                 ADD 25.00
SERIAL/IH PC to IH (9 pin 'D' to 6 pin RJ12) converter lead (2 mtr)       20.00
SER/MEADE PC to MEADE (9 pin 'D' to 6 pin RJ12) converter lead (2 mtr)    20.00
PCEXTEND  PC extender cable (2 mtr)                                        7.00
PC/XOVER  PC - PC crossover lead (2 mtr) Connects CLOCK to PC              7.00


BALANCE    Spring balance for measuring motor torques photo               10.00
SEEKER     Spiralling controller device to fit in AUTOGUIDER socket       59.00
PA2        PULSE ANALYSER for autoguider signals                          59.00
CCDTEST    AUTOGUIDER input TESTER and CCD Simulator (For DRIVE and CAMERA) 45.00
DEW I      DEW HEATER CONTROLLER. 2 outputs, upto 60 Watts supplied       59.00
POLAR      POLAR ILLUMINATOR for lots of little mounts. PLEASE CALL.      20.00
RONCHI/80  Ronchi grating 80 lines/inch (35mm slide)photo                  9.50
RONCHI/120 Ronchi grating 120 lines/inch (35mm slide)                      9.50
RONCHI/LGE Grating 1.2cm square in 7cm square material                    15.00
ILLUM      Polarscope ILLUMINATOR for external fitting                    20.00
DEFECT     Article "IMAGE DEFECTS IN TELESCOPES" and cures.          see website
SIDEREAL   Article "UNDERSTANDING SIDEREAL TIME"                     see website
              [Thicknesses are nominal] Further Information
PTFE           Low friction material 1.0mm thick             25p per square inch
PTFE           Low friction material 1.6mm thick             30p per square inch
PTFE           Low friction material 6mm thick photo         75p per square inch
PTFE           Low friction material 10mm thick            1.00 per square inch
GRAB           Grab handle for M8 threads photo                            3.00  
FOOT           Foot level adjuster screw M10 x 70mm photo                  3.00     
PSU1       UK Mains adapter 240V ac to 12V DC maximum 0.5 amp            18.00
PSU5       Power supply 88-240V ac input, 12V DC output 5 Amps           65.00
PSU9       Power supply 85-240V ac input, 24V DC output 8.4 Amps        200.00
LEAD/5M    Car battery lead with croc clips length 5 metres              12.00
LEAD/CIG   5 metre lead plugs into cigar lighter socket                  12.00


	Small packets under 50 (sent 1st class post)                    ADD  5.00
	Royal Mail Special delivery under 1kg with 500 insurance (UK)   ADD 10.00
	Carrier delivery over 1kg to 15kg (UK)                           ADD 18.00

UNITS ARE MADE TO ORDER - Expected time to despatch will be given at ordering.
Equipment supplied without batteries unless stated.
ALL PRICES IN UK POUNDS STERLING and include UK VAT at 20%, valid throughout the EU.
EU orders please enquire for delivery charges.
EXPORT orders please contact us for a quote.
Official orders accepted. All prices and specifications subject to revisions without notice.
One year guarantee against defective parts and assembly.


E-Mail for a quote OR print out and fill in form below and POST it to us.

We can accept credit/debit card payment (VISA, MASTERCARD) made by TELEPHONE or LETTER ONLY.

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NAME _____________________________________ TELEPHONE ___________________  TOTAL ___________

ADDRESS ___________________________________ Please send Cheque or card information to:
                                            AWR Technology
        ___________________________________ The Old Bakehouse, Albert Rd,
                                            Deal,  Kent CT14 9RD, UK
        ___________________________________ TEL: 01304 365918
                                            FAX: 01304 369737   ORDER DATE  _____________
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EXPIRY DATE ____________   SIGNATURE ________________________   SECURITY DIGITS _________

e-MAIL ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________

 (Technical help available at 01304-365918)

Qu 1. We need to work out the drive reduction ratio to get the correct oscillator 
frequency so that the motor will drive the slow motion shaft at the correct speed.
Contact technical if you have a sector plate or friction drive.

Number of teeth on RA drive wheel ________ or time for one rev of worm ________
RA drive reduction gear arrangement if not simple worm / wheel:

Qu 2. Similarly for declination. Number of teeth on DEC drive wheel _______
DEC drive reduction gear arrangement if not simple worm / wheel:

Qu 3. Lead lengths you require:
HANDSET to DR BOX: _____ DRIVE BOX to RA motor: _____ DRIVE BOX to DEC motor: _____

Slow motion shaft diameters for OLDHAM drive coupling  RA ______     DEC ______

Qu 4. Telescope size and type: _____________________________________________________

Approximate weight of tube assembly and counterweight: __________

How easy is it to turn the slow motions: ____________________________ (Torque: ____________)
(If it is 'heavy' then we need you to measure the torque required - contact technical).

Qu 5. For supplying to your existing SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR we need to know its details:

Voltage: _________ Frequency: _________ Power: ________ No of wires: _________
Markings on your synchronous motor: __________________________________________