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For the SYNTA HEQ5

Kit contains:

  • Motor assemblies for RA and DEC
  • Microstep Drive box with CCD interface
  • Intelligent Handset and Database
  • Handbook, Leads and Fitting instructions
  • Easy installation by the User

KIT FROM 750.00 inc VAT
for UK and EUROPE (+post)

EXPORT price enquire
[Advanced options available at extra cost].

Synta HEQ5 mount showing motors in situ

This kit allows operation of the HEQ5 type mount up to 3 deg/sec for fast slewing. It is most impressive in operation. The motors have to fit externally and substantial gears transfer the motion to the slow motion axes. By microstepping the motor assemblies (64 per step) there is almost freedom from vibration with the very small steps and a huge dynamic speed range and hence considerably improved torque and smoothness in operation. GOTO features on the handset include telescope co-ordinate readout (RA and DEC), entry of new co-ordinates, backlash correction, Periodic Error Calibration etc. The kit is supplied with an on-board database so computer connection is optional but connects with standard planetarium programmes. Motors, brackets, gears etc have been designed and selected by ourselves to get a quality system that will last. It is substantial enough to withstand (mis)use and the major components can be transferred to your next mount.

Motor type Sanyo Denki 32Ncm
Overall gear reduction 540:1
Sidereal rate 80 microsteps per second
Maximum slew rate 3.0 deg/sec TYPICAL
Power requirements 12V DC 2.5 Amps

All the comprehensive features, capabilities, and connectivity of the Intelligent Handset and the Microstep Drive Box is given fully or shortform. For further information contact Alan Buckman tel 01304 365918.

We often get asked how much load it will take. The best way to specifiy this is how much torque is present due to the telescope (or balance weight) on the DEC axis. Our demonstration 8 inch Catadioptric is on an EQ5 and needs 23.4 Newton metre from the balance weight (10kg at 23.4cm) and is equally balanced by the telescope. This feels comfortable and drives at full spec from this GOTO kit.

When you take the old motors out do please check the backlash setting of the worm with the wheel. Maintenance at this stage will pay dividends.

Motor assemby Motor assembly of the prototype before we had BLACK ANODISED coatings.

HEQ5/MOTOR Complete Motor assemblies and bracket
4 phase unipolar motors 1A/phase for Mel Bartel's operation.
HEQ5/KIT Complete Motor assemblies, Microstep Drive Box with CCD autoguider input, Intelligent Handset + Database. User fitting of motors on mount. (Needs power supply). 750.00
HEQ5/FULL The HEQ5/KIT including Power Supply (5 Amps at 12V), leads, IH/BASE docking station with computer lead for observatory operation. ADVANCED Microstep Drive Box substituted. Polar illuminator. User fitting. 950.00
HEQ5 CUSTOM - High speed slew operation with 24V DC power supply.
- Low power operation (2 amps at 12V DC) at reduced slew speed but slightly better following.
HEQ5/BASIC A basic kit WITHOUT GOTO for a budget upgrade. Microstepping Drivebox with CCD interface, complete motor assy and a SIMPLE handset for full slewing performance. (Can be made GOTO later on by purchase of Intelligent Handset). Needs power supply. 450.00
PSU5 Power supply Mains (110V-240V) Input, 12V 5 Amp DC output.
HEQ5 ILLUM External Polarscope illumination with clip-on battery box and LED on clip. 20.00
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