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Owners can keep their software (firmware) up to date by checking the owners page from time to time and contacting AWR. We send out new versions as part of the maintenance package in the original purchase price. We require the old chips (and chip puller) to be returned in order to keep our product costs down.

If you require AWR to do the upgrade and installation test then you may send in the particular item of equipment (Handset or Drivebox) with a cheque for 20 to cover our return postage cost (UK address).The new MANUAL will also be available by download on the website. Under certain circumstances there will be no charge or if a repair is involved out of guarantee it may be more than 15. Postage to non-UK addresses is also higher.
Current work load may mean there could be a wait.


The Intelligent Handset contains two devices that are user changeable to keep the software up to date. The first is a 28 pin IC containing the programme memory. This device is labelled "IH V1.6.3" or simliar with an orientation spot. The latest release is identified in this webpage for owners.

The second device in the Intelligent Handset is the Database chip which has 32 pins and a label along the lines of "DB D01" or similar with an orientation spot. This is an optional upgrade which requires payment of 65.00 to AWR. The device can be missing without any odd effects. This will be supplied pre-programmed but needs programme memory version 1.60 or higher installed.

Removing either IC in the Intelligent Handset requires an "IC puller" which is usually supplied by AWR with replacement chips. Full details for replacing a chip are given in the Handbook.

After hardware installation the new software needs configuring. Get hold of the handbook update sheets from AWR or from the downloads page which discuss the individual upgrade features and register settings that are required. This is essential as it is possible for the handset to completely mis-behave until a certain new register is put right. eg if MAXDEC is not initialised then it won't perform any GOTO's.


All types of Microstep drivebox have a single chip microprocessor which contains the programme. If there are any version changes then this 40 pin device will need to be replaced.

Full instructions for doing this are in the Handbook, but will need a flat bladed screwdriver to lever the chip out of the socket from both ends.

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