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What will the Intelligent Drive System fit?

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Orion mount The Intelligent Drive System can be fitted to nearly any telescope which has slow motions fitted. The version required depends on the customer specification, maximum slew speed required and the advanced features to be supplied. Large telescopes (Newtonians) with a heavy moving mass at large distances from the axes require the most torque to drive and hence our largest motors need to be ordered. Small telescopes or 8 inch SCT telescopes can be driven with our smaller microstepper motors (Motor/50) with Microstepping mode drive or our STEP5 product with our Universal Frequency Generator product. Systems with custom specifications can be put together for telescope configurations not listed.

Our Intelligent Handset can be fitted to all intelligent drive system products and can be fitted as a system or purchased at a later date. A variety of optional extras are available.

The IDS has now been fitted to VIXEN SP types, LOSMANDY HGM200, ALTER D6, MEADE STARFINDER DS16, FULLERSCOPES MK IV, and to many mounts with mirrors up to 36 inch diameter.

Our systems are supplied to DAVID HINDS LTD fitted to CELESTRON CM 1100, CM 1400, CI 700 telescopes and mounts. Full details.

Our systems are supplied with new telescopes manufactured by Beacon Hill Telescopes of the UK. These are Newtonians on German or Fork Mounts with aperture up to 19 inches. Any specification drive can be fitted by arrangement with AWR. Contact us for technical details of the drive, Beacon Hill for details of the telescope, mounting, worm wheel sets etc. You can order through Beacon Hill or through us. The normal system would be a Microstep Drive Box with motors directly coupled to the slow motion worm wheel.

Beacon Hill Mounting.

MOTOR/50 fitted to Beacon Hill 14" worm on a fork mount.


All stepper motor systems supplied by AWR Technology can be upgraded with our Intelligent products. The Universal Frequency Generator drivebox (FRGEN) would be the first choice without replacing existing motors. To this fits the Intelligent Handset.

If you already have a power drive stage for your motors, we can supply 5 volt TTL signals of clock and direction for both axes from our Universal Frequency Generator drivebox.

Specific solutions are available by discussion with AWR. The minimum requirement is that the telescope has slow motions fitted. Some example are given on our RETROFIT page for VIXEN, CELESTRON, MEADE, FULLERSCOPES, ORION OPTICS etc.

If you require worm wheels to get a slow motion then go to Beacon Hill Telescopes who make high quality ones in sizes 3.5 inches to 14 inches diameter. They regularly fit our motors to their worm wheels.

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